Impact. Insight. Integrity.


Rogers’ three-decades of leadership in the public and private sectors can be distilled into the three critical elements that drive his transformational work: impact, insight, and integrity.

An accomplished entrepreneur who has served as the CEO of a billion dollar mobility and transportation enterprise, Rogers is an actively engaged board member who works with purpose-driven organizations facing complex challenges. In his best-selling book, “The Renaissance Campaign”, Rogers shares leadership lessons on how to transform blue-sky ideation into reality based on as diverse a set of high level experiences as imaginable.

Rogers’ keynote address “The Power of Perspective”, first delivered at the 75th Anniversary of Bretton Woods, delivers essential lessons on creative problem-solving and leadership to business leaders and influencers around the world.

A Problem Solving Formula For Your Biggest Challenges

In business, government, and every area of contemporary life, leaders today are struggling to find workable solutions to greater and more complex challenges.

As a former senior Pentagon official and CEO of a billion-dollar organization, Rogers has seen firsthand that the current model for solving diverse problem sets no longer works. Organizations and individuals need to adopt an entirely different approach to the biggest challenges they face and embrace a new model to ensure they emerge triumphant. That model is The Renaissance Campaign.