A Problem Solving Formula For Your Biggest Challenges

In business, government, and every area of contemporary life, leaders today are struggling to find workable solutions to greater and more complex challenges.

As a former senior Pentagon official and CEO of a billion-dollar organization, Rogers has seen firsthand that the current model for solving diverse problem sets no longer works. Organizations and individuals need to adopt an entirely different approach to the biggest challenges they face and embrace a new model to ensure they emerge triumphant. That model is The Renaissance Campaign.


My three-decade record of transformational leadership in the public and private sectors can be boiled down to the three words that define my life, impact, insight, and integrity.

I am the Founder of RL Leaders, a consulting enterprise serving the US Government specializing in alternative analyses and creating custom technologies which have served as the nexus of the national security community and Hollywood creatives for nearly two decades. Last year, I published my first book, “The Renaissance Campaign”, an exploration of deep applied creativity and the challenge of turning blue-sky ideas into reality. My keynote address “The Power of Perspective”, first delivered at the 75th Anniversary of Bretton Woods, delivers essential lessons from “The Renaissance Campaign” to business leaders and influencers.



The Power of Diversity of Thought

The Power of Diversity of Thought

We live in a world of constant disruption. It interrupts and destabilizes our systems and norms, impacting individuals, organizations, and indeed, all of our society. We face cultural, environmental, and technological disruptions on a daily basis and rarely do we...

If I Was a King, This is How I’d Bridge the Great American Divide

If I Was a King, This is How I’d Bridge the Great American Divide

In the immortal words of Tom Petty, “It’s good to be king, if just for a while” Great song, great line, and, although I’m a democracy guy, a fun idea every now and then. So, I’m going to give it a shot. I think it’d be nice to snap my fingers and do some good in a...