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The Renaissance Campaign

A Problem Solving Formula For Your Biggest Challenges

In business, government, and every area of contemporary life, leaders today are struggling to find workable solutions to greater and more complex challenges.

As a former senior Pentagon official and CEO of a billion-dollar organization, Rogers has seen firsthand that the current model for solving diverse problem sets no longer works. Organizations and individuals need to adopt an entirely different approach to the biggest challenges they face and embrace a new model to ensure they emerge triumphant. That model is The Renaissance Campaign.

entrepreneur, Author, Speaker

John Rogers

John Rogers’ transformational work has made a profound impact on our world. Rogers’ approach⁠—steeped in unlocking imagination and rooted in integrity—is drawn from a career operating at the intersection of innovation, public policy, and global challenges. From his days as the CEO of a billion-dollar mobility company to his work as a key facilitator between the White House and Congress for the Department of Defense, and from spearheading Michael J. Fox’s national campaign around stem cells to retraining professionals from across the U.S. national security community on how to think more creatively in a post 9/11 world, Rogers’ insight offers a one-of-a-kind roadmap for making your own impact on the world.



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