Awesome week at Concordia. Learned a lot from amazing speakers.

by | Oct 7, 2023 | Blog

And it’s a wrap! What an awesome week in NYC at the Concordia. Hats off once again to the Concordia team for a job well done. Beyond the really interesting topics, I enjoyed so many conversations with many amazing people. It all started with my first discussion with Jessica, Carys, Fred and Dave from Digitalis. Beyond doing some really great work they all struck me as world class people. Many thanks again for including me in the round table on Technology, Disinformation and Democracy.

The speakers were, as always, excellent and thought provoking. Tony Blair stole the show for me but Avril Haines, the Director of National Intelligence was also really insightful.

Here’s my top 10 insights, affirmations and observations from the event.

10) The web as we know died last year. In the future, the vast majority of content will be generated by AI.
9) Apple’s Market Cap is larger than France’s GDP. Put differently technology companies, like them are at the center of power.
8) Policy makers and change makers live in different worlds both literally and figuratively. It’s essential we figure out this bridge.
7) Today, recycling of minerals can’t keep up with the demand due partly to the components necessary for EV’s. As a result the fully circular economy will not happen yet.
6) Deepfakes are now fully interactive
5) Technology can no longer be considered a vertical niche within organizations. It’s horizontal now touching everything and leaders need to figure that out.
4) The Youth remain inspiring. I heard great passion and intellect from high schoolers from around the world.
3) Critical thinking skills need to be imbedded into schools from K-12 to post secondary as the youth are a big part of the solution
2) AI will change health care from being centered around cures to being centered around prevention
1) AI will change all institutions including governments and businesses. #Massivechange

To those who attended, I’d welcome yours and to those who didn’t I’d welcome your reactions as well. Feel free to DM me.

Much gratitude for the entire experience.



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