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John Rogers

Founder & CEO RL Leaders and Capstone National Partners

​John Rogers’ transformational work has made a profound impact on our world. Rogers’ approach⁠—steeped in unlocking imagination and rooted in integrity—is drawn from a career operating at the intersection of innovation, public policy, and global challenges. From his days as the CEO of a billion-dollar mobility company to his work as a key facilitator between the White House and Congress for the Department of Defense, and from spearheading Michael J. Fox’s national campaign around stem cells to retraining professionals from across the U.S. national security community on how to think more creatively in a post 9/11 world, Rogers’ insight offers a one-of-a-kind roadmap for making your own impact on the world.

Speech Topic:

“The Power of Perspective” speech addresses the role of creativity and the power of perspective in unlocking truly holistic thinking to drive innovation in business and government organizations.

John Rogers 360: Holistic Thinking & Creativity


(Release Date – December 3, 2019)

Speaker’s Message:

John, as a member of the Milwaukee business community, proposes to share an approach to complex problem solving using creativity that he has seen work time and time again with diverse pairings of public and private clients.

He specifically addresses the following leading question and presents a methodology to assist leaders in solving their biggest challenges.

Leading Quesstions:

  • How does one’s perspective impact decision making and what can you do about it?
  • How have the creative talents of Hollywood filmmakers, video game designers, and amusement park ride developers impacted US National Security? And why was their perspective required?
  • How does holistic thinking, powered by creativity, move your enterprise from ideation to creation and success?

Recent Speaking Engagements:

  • Bretton Woods 75 Conference, Keynote Address, July 2019
  • Defense Entrepreneur’s Forum Annual Conference, Lunchtime Lightening Talk, September 2019

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Christian Smith
759 N. Milwaukee Street, Suite 601
City, State, Zip: Milwaukee, WI 53202